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Editorial: The Light We Do, and Don't, Want
... In a mostly annual trek into parts mostly unknown (to us, anyway) to see what is going on with lighting in the real world, we were struck two things. 1) There still isn't all that much of the light we want, and 2) There is still a lot of...
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Welcome to your LED Applications news channel!

The opportunities presented by the increasing rapid adoption of high brightness LEDs, in all their forms and applications, represents nothing short of a "digital revolution" for a previously "analog" world. LEDs are having a substantial disruptive effect on a number of established technologies, and where there is disruption, there is an intense need for information.

LIGHTimes Online is here to serve the information needs of the LED industry supply chain, as well as integrators and non-architectural application solution providers with technology, product and market news updates for these rapidly evolving devices. Our readership also includes LED packagers, technology enablers and service companies seeking the the answers to how best to meet their customers' needs.

For architectural lighting and applications news of interest specifically to lighting designers, specifiers, and architectural lighting decision makers, along with luminaire designers, lighting system integrators and lighting subsystem developers, please visit our sister publication, Solid State Lighting Design.

SSL is booming and the 2011/2012 Summit Series is coming back to keep the message on quality

Launched in 2008, the SSL Summit will bring the quality story to New York City in October 2011, and then back to LA in March 2012. At every one of the Summit events, the feedback remains consistent: Just what we need, do it again soon. The Summit brings together lighting decision makers with industry thought leaders, pioneers, and innovators from the across the solid state lighting eco-system.

Continuing the tradition, 2011/2012 will continue to be all about quality, quality, quality. Showcase participants and sponsors are vetted to separate the wheat from the chaff (have your IES LM-79 test reports ready!). Last year's event in NYC included representatives of over 100 million square feet of developed property, and the one thing we don't want to leave out for 2011 is you! Look into the series information at www.SSLsummit.com for the details. Sponsorships are available for the full series.

Excelitas Adds Adapter and Controller to OmniCure UV LED Curing Tools
LIGHTimes News Staff

August 26, 2014...Excelitas Technologies Corp. of Mississauga, Canada, announced the expansion of the OmniCure AC Series UV LED curing solutions. The company added the new PLC2000 Controller and AC Optical Adapter to complement the OmniCure AC Series of high power UV LED systems.

When connected to an OmniCure AC Series UV LED head, the OmniCure PLC2000 multipurpose external controller device helps intelligently control, monitor, and manage the curing solution to ensure a repeatable UV process. The PLC2000 can dynamically adjust the output intensity, exposure time, and on/off capabilities. At the same time, it can offer system information and error monitoring features.

The PLC2000 also supports RS232 and RS485 communications allowing multiple UV LED heads to be connected, accessed, or controlled through a single computer terminal.

The new OmniCure AC Optical Adaptor can convert a high irradiance focused exposure area into a larger area while maintaining exceptional illumination uniformity. The optical adaptor is designed for use with the OmniCure AC4 and AC7 Series UV LED systems. The AC Optical Adaptor creates evenly distributed irradiance across output areas of 100mm x 100mm, 100mm x 150mm, 70mm x 70mm and other custom sizes that are available upon request.

Mike Kay, director of product management, Industrial Curing at Excelitas Technologies. "The PLC2000 and AC Optical Adaptor are product accessories designed specifically for the OmniCure AC Series UV LED curing systems to offer enhanced capabilities for maximum flexibility and control of their UV process."

The OmniCure product family of UV curing solutions will be showcased at The Assembly Show in Rosemount, IL at the Excelitas booth #1424 from October 29-30, 2014 and at MD&M MN, Minneapolis, MN at booth #641 from October 29-30, 2014.

Elation EZ4 LED Display and Elation LED Luminaires Installed at Qzone in Quil Ceda Creek Casino
LIGHTimes News Staff

August 26, 2014...Quil Ceda Creek Casino, located on the Tulalip Indian Reservation north of Seattle, installed an Elation Professional EZ4 LED video screen in addition to Elation Platinum Spot LED II moving heads and EPAR Series LED fixtures. Opened in April 2014, Qzone functions as a music venue, sports bar, and café and even holds corporate meetings occasionally. The space, which originally started as a nightclub before its convertion to a gaming room and now Qzone, is located just off the main Quil Ceda Creek Casino gaming floor. The client wanted to offer customers different options and events in order to draw them onto the property.

Agility was called in to design, build and install the lighting and video package six months prior to opening. Agility initially planned on a 6 mm pixel pitch panel for the centerpiece LED video screen. “Venues of this type are relying more and more on LED walls,” said Agility’s Rob Johnson, account manager on the project. “Because the LED screen in Qzone was to be the centerpiece of the room and be used for a variety of purposes, we were a bit concerned about the pixel pitch. We took a trip to the Elation headquarters in L.A. where we had the chance to compare the 6 mm screen with the 4 mm and came away convinced the 4 mm EZ4 was the best choice for this install.”

Elation's 8 ft. x 12 ft. EZ4 LED screen was installed directly behind a 20 ft. wide by 13 ft. deep stage served as the primary presentation platform and hosts live music and assorted acts. The LED screen is hard to miss from the venue’s entrances. “It’s the focal point of the room and looks great when you enter. It even looks good when you’re close to it at the front of the stage,” Rob stated. Rob cites the EZ4’s easy assembly, price point, and versatility as factors in its choice. “The old club had a projector and screen but you can’t use that type of technology when you have a performer or speaker on stage. The EZ4 is a real multipurpose screen for a multipurpose room and gives the venue a lot of options.”

The EZ4 is the company's highest resolution LED panel. It offers high density of 10,816 pixels (104 x 104) per panel for sharp and clear picture with vivid colors. The EZ4 screen can serve as a visual jukebox to play music videos or simply to watch TV. It also acts like a big computer screen for corporate meetings and presentations.

Guests to Qzone can get up close and personal to their favorite sports teams with the display’s superior image quality and 1,200 Nits of brightness. The display also serves as the the high quality visual backdrop for bands and performers who need to run video and graphics. Elation Media Master Express media server manages and plays back video and graphics for performances and events.

Rob specified LED lighting for its many benefits including power savings. The Qzone lighting system includes Elation 135W Platinum Spot LED II color and pattern changing moving heads and the EPAR Tri LED lights, which are both mounted on a Global Truss system hanging over the dance floor and stage. Rob chose the Platinum Spot LED II’s positioned on finger trusses over the dance floor, for their compact size and attractive price. Their compact size fit in well with the room and its short trim heights. “They actually make the room look bigger and taller,” he said.

EPAR Tri RGB LED lights used for band washes provide color wash from 20 ft. upstage and downstage trusses. The EPAR QA fixtures with their added amber LED for extended color range and effective color temperature control, highlight speakers on stage. Qzone hosts bands, DJs, comedy acts and other events and performances that test the reliability and versatility of EZ4 LED screen and the LED lighting daily. Rob reports that since its installation earlier in the year, the system has held up very well.

LG Electronics Offers Interactive Fan Experiences At 2014 US Open
LIGHTimes News Staff

August 26, 2014...At the U.S. Open Tennis Championships, LG Electronics USA created a wide variety of interactive fan experiences. The championships start this week at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center (NTC) in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, Queens. LG serves as the Official Mobile Device Partner and Official Electronics Partner of the 2014 US Open, which runs through Sept 8.

Fans will be able to engage in tennis-themed activities through the new LG G3 smartphone at the LG Winner's Circle, tennis. LG's OLED TVs and the LG Ultra HD 4K TVs with four times the resolution of Full HD will provide interactive content with LG's Smart TV+ webOS™ platform, an intuitive user interface for streaming content and apps.

In the 1,300 square foot LG Winner's Circle located at the NTC:

Fans can compete against one another to answer US Open-themed trivia questions in the "LG webOS Challenge," LG's new webOS-enabled smart TVs and the LG Magic Remote.

The "LG OLED Challenge" will allow spectators to review "on court" shots on LG's OLED TVs to determine if a shot is in or out by more than the 4mm thickness of the LG OLED screen,

At the "Swing in 4K" station, fans can watch their tennis swings live on LG's new 84-inch class (83.8 inches measured diagonally) Ultra HD TV.

The "LG G3 Selfie Station," allows fans to pose after a winning shot and have their selfies taken using the LG G3 smartphone's Gesture Shutter feature.

The official 2014 US Open App, available on Aug. 25 via the Google Play Store, allows users to join the US Open Live Prediction Challenge, presented by LG G3. For the challenge, fans can predict what might happen next to earn points toward LG prizes. LG mobile device users earn extra points and enjoy exclusive access to the LG Leaderboard.

"LG's innovative products help fans create fun, memorable experiences," said David VanderWaal, head of marketing for LG Electronics USA. "We're honored to bring fans those experiences, whether it's onsite at the US Open in New York, at home, or on-the-go through the amazing picture quality of our OLED and Ultra HD TVs and our smartphones."

Lew Sherr, Chief Revenue Officer of the USTA said, "LG's gallery activation will enhance the fan experience on-site and the new predictive game presented by the LG G3 smartphone on the US Open mobile app gives fans a new and innovative way to connect with the Open."

ROE Visual Introduces Black OnyX P3.47 HD LED Display for Overseas Market
LIGHTimes News Staff

August 21, 2014...ROE Visual Co., Ltd, a maker of creative LED displays based in Shenzhen, China, has launched the Black OnyX P3.47 HD LED display. ROE Visual's new high-performance indoor HD LED display, the Black OnyX, incorporates professional industrial design. The display's magnesium alloy panel makes it strong and lightweight. The module employs Multi-Color's latest anti-glare black LEDs to attain a high contrast ratio. Driving IC MBI5153 supports great image quality at a low brightness with a high refresh rate.

ROE visual's new control system - Evision powers the Black Onyx. Evision supports a maximum resolution of 2560x1024. A knob allows real-time brightness adjustments and using a remote control allows real-time configuration of the display. All operating and calibrating parameters are stored. Resetting is not necessary after replacing the module.

The friendly and innovative design supports convenient installation for hanging and stacking for large events, concert tours and exhibitions. The company claims that the finest pixel pitch and outstanding color processing of the Black OnyX ensures superior performance in lecture halls and TV studios.

Jason Lu, ROE Visual's General Manager, commented, "In the LED industry, it is obvious that a single product is insufficient to meet the demands of customers. Because customers need a complete set of solutions, Black OynX, as a newcomer who wants to surpass the formers, has to develop such solutions rather than a simple product. Therefore, we design and promote this product by carefully considering the requirements and ideas of customers prior to and after the purchase, which enables our customers get maximum value from this product."

For Audi Shootout, Roe Visual shipped a 7-square-meter Black OnyX display to Europe on August 1. ROE's Black OnyX will be showcased at PLASA LONDN(Oct. 5-8) and LDI LAS VEGAS(Nov. 21-23) in 2014.

Green Spirit Farms Chooses Illumitex LED Grow Lights to Grow Good Local Food
LIGHTimes News Staff

August 21, 2014...Illumitex of Austin, Texas, reported that the company has partnered with Green Spirit Farms of New Buffalo, Michigan. According to Illumitex, the partnership will continue its efforts of enabling independent farmers to provide locally grown, fresh food to communities across the country.

Illumitex plans to replace Green Spirit Farm's existing induction lighting at its vertical farm operations with its LED grow lights. Illumitex says Green Spirit Farms plans to use only Illumitex LED grow lights as the light source for Greens Spirit's planned expansion farms. Green Spirit tested numerous lights of various types, including other LEDs before deciding to employ Illumitex grow lights.

“We at Green Spirit Farms believe that Illumitex is the premiere lighting source for indoor horticulture based on our independent testing conducted this year in New Buffalo. We are excited to announce this fruitful partnership that will assist us in further vertical farming innovation,” said Daniel Kluko, Green Spirit Farms’ director of research and development. “Illumitex LEDS will allow us to grow more produce in less time using less energy, which ultimately is good for our business, our customers and the planet we all share.”

Green Spirit also plans on choosing Illumitex Eclipse grow lights for the systems it will develops for other vertical farms using its unique Vertical Grow Systems.

Illumitex points out that vertical farming is quickly becoming the food-sourcing solution of choice for markets and restaurants that want locally sourced, fresh produce. A city's Centrally-located, abandoned warehouse buildings can reportedly be transformed into urban farms that supply freshly-picked tomatoes, herbs, and greens locally. Illumitex recognizes the need for alternative farming methods to feed the world's growing population with a finite amount of available farmland.

“With more and more Americans relocating from the suburbs to the cities, it is becoming very important to grow fresh food closer to the population,” said Eric Anderson, Illumitex VP of marketing and business development. “Together, Green Spirit Farms and Illumitex are making that goal a reality. The controlled environment agriculture expertise of Green Spirit Farms coupled with their innovative business model and Illumitex’s LED technology is a very powerful combination.”

UV LEDs from SETi Used in Newly Installed Decontamination System for Scientific Experiments Aboard the International Space Station
LIGHTimes News Staff

August 21, 2014...Onboard the International Space Station, crew members using the Microgravity Science Glovebox (MSG), can now safely perform biological research. NASA has installed a UV LED-based decontamination system developed by Teledyne Brown in partnership with Marshal for MSG. UV-LEDs from Sensor Electronic Technology Inc. (SETi) of Columbia, South Carolina sanitize liquids, air, and surfaces inside MSG within minutes. SETi developed the UV LEDs in part through US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Compact Mid-Ultraviolet Technology (CMUVT) program. The decontamination process before and after experiments with the UV LEDs helps to ensure the crew safety from biological experiments inside MSG.

MSG is a highly-specialized containment system for conducting scientific experiments in zero or low gravity. Crew members aboard the International Space Station have used MSG to conduct experiments for the past ten years. With the recent installation the decontamination system, the facility can now host life science experiments.

"We are really excited to be able to provide this new system that will enable astronauts aboard the space station the ability to conduct important life science research," said Lee Jordan, project manager of the MSG at Marshall. "For example, with this system, crews can conduct experiments related to non-human cell biology that we couldn’t do before in the MSG. The work we do aboard the space station is so vital because it helps us discover technologies that can lead to bettering our lives on Earth."

A sanitation process cleans up spills inside the glovebox and uses high power UV LEDs with sufficiently short wavelength for ultraviolet germicidal irradiation to kill any microorganisms. The sanitation process also removes airborne contaminants such as biological and chemical impurities and offers optimal accommodations for life science and cell science research. It has an exchangeable glove system that was redesigned for biological studies.

The decontamination system is available to all biological payloads that operate in the MSG and require a sterile environment. Rodent research studies will be among the first experiments to employ the decontamination system. Rodent Research Hardware and Operations Validation (Rodent Research-1) is scheduled to launch aboard the fourth commercial resupply flight of SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft. The long-term rodent studies in space will examine the effects of microgravity on rodents that serve as model organisms.

Daktronics Installs Lagest Ever Display at Ector County ISD High School
LIGHTimes News Staff

August 19, 2014...Daktronics supplied and installed the largest display that it has ever installed at the high school level for Ratliff Stadium of Ector County ISD (ECISD). Ratliff Stadium in Odessa, Texas is home to Odessa High School as well as Permian High School of "Friday Night Lights" fame. The company also recently installing the largest display in college football at Texas A&M University's Kyle Field and the largest display in professional football at the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Daktronics notes that ECISD's new display is one of the largest in all of high school sports. The display with a 15HD pixel layout measures about 27 feet high by 50 feet wide, a little more than 1,330 square feet. It's size makes it larger than displays at three professional stadiums including the New Orleans Saints, San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders.

Daktronics originally installed the district's previous video display in 2005 that was less than 400 square feet. This display is still being used in the stadium. ECISD is apparently the only high school in the nation that uses two two displays with full video capability for a combined 1700 total square feet of video space.

The Daktronics Sports Marketing team helped ECISD secure 1.2 million dollars of equipment and and more than 2 million dollars in ad contracts over ten years. With the assistance, the district was able to pay off the existing equipment, which will stay where it is. The district is also expected to pay off the new equipment two years sooner. Any revenue generated above obligations is returned to the district.

If you are interested in advertising at Ratliff Stadium, contact Michael Vogelaar at 432-235-0103.

DRSA Wins Contracts to Refit Yauchts with LED lighting
LIGHTimes News Staff

August 19, 2014...DRSA, a supplier of marine LED lighting, recently secured more than 12 major contracts to refit yachts ranging between 100’ and 175’ with LED lighting. According to DRSA, refitting yachts with LED lighting that have dimming capabilities is now in high demand because the technology for LED lighting has finally made its way to the yacht industry.

“We have dramatically increased our focus on designing, creating and sourcing LED light products over the past year as we have seen significants benefits in the marine industry,” said DRSA president Cathy Smith. “LED lights are smaller in size, brighter in appearance and lower in heat emissions. Also, we have now been able to identify solutions to properly dim LED lights on board, so anyone with a yacht going thru a refit - or a used build - is well advised to look at these alternatives,” Smith added. For more than 25 years, DRSA has designed, developed, manufactured, and imported luminaires, light bulbs and LEDs to illuminate entire vessels from bow to stern.

DRSA will be showcasing its products at the International Boatbuilders Exhibition and conference (IBEX) 2014, September 30-October 2 at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Florida.

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