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LED Applications News
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Editorial: The Next Big Push for LED Lighting -- Ease of Use
... Granted, a light has historically been as simple as 'on' and 'off'. Fancy ones had 'dim'. If you're a luminaire manufacture that has been technologically stumped by the last one, it's a fair bet the rest of what's coming is going to be a bit confusing. Fortunately, the other...
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Welcome to your LED Applications news channel!

The opportunities presented by the increasing rapid adoption of high brightness LEDs, in all their forms and applications, represents nothing short of a "digital revolution" for a previously "analog" world. LEDs are having a substantial disruptive effect on a number of established technologies, and where there is disruption, there is an intense need for information.

LIGHTimes Online is here to serve the information needs of the LED industry supply chain, as well as integrators and non-architectural application solution providers with technology, product and market news updates for these rapidly evolving devices. Our readership also includes LED packagers, technology enablers and service companies seeking the the answers to how best to meet their customers' needs.

For architectural lighting and applications news of interest specifically to lighting designers, specifiers, and architectural lighting decision makers, along with luminaire designers, lighting system integrators and lighting subsystem developers, please visit our sister publication, Solid State Lighting Design.

SSL is booming and the 2011/2012 Summit Series is coming back to keep the message on quality

Launched in 2008, the SSL Summit will bring the quality story to New York City in October 2011, and then back to LA in March 2012. At every one of the Summit events, the feedback remains consistent: Just what we need, do it again soon. The Summit brings together lighting decision makers with industry thought leaders, pioneers, and innovators from the across the solid state lighting eco-system.

Continuing the tradition, 2011/2012 will continue to be all about quality, quality, quality. Showcase participants and sponsors are vetted to separate the wheat from the chaff (have your IES LM-79 test reports ready!). Last year's event in NYC included representatives of over 100 million square feet of developed property, and the one thing we don't want to leave out for 2011 is you! Look into the series information at www.SSLsummit.com for the details. Sponsorships are available for the full series.

AgiLight and Vink Lighting Solutions Sign European Distribution Agreement
LIGHTimes News Staff

September 30, 2014...AgiLight, Inc., a producer of LED sign lighting solutions based in San Antonio, Texas has signed a distribution agreement with Vink Lighting Solutions. Under the terms of the agreement, Vink will represent AgiLight’s complete lines of PRO Series, SignRayz®, BoxRayz® sign lighting products and LED Power Supplies.

“By adding AgiLight’s product offering, Vink is able to bring technically superior and high quality LED sign lighting products, at a better value, to our European customer base,” said David Foreman, General Manager of Vink Lighting Solutions, “This allows us to provide our customers with a wider choice and, at the same time, grow our total product offering enabling us to satisfy the fast growing LED sign lighting demand across Europe.”

AgiLight is an established sign lighting brand in both the United States and the Middle East. AgiLight's new SignRayz® PRO Series with advanced optics technology, produces batwing beam patterns and offers increased brightness resulting in a 50 percent in the number of modules per sign. According to AgiLight, the SignRayz provides the lowest LED system cost and lowest energy consumption on the market.

The company say its BoxyRayz® LED system offers a high-efficiency and cost-effective replacement for fluorescent lamps. The system with a constant current power supply and high power LEDs boasts 25% higher efficiency than conventional systems. BoxyRayz provides 400 lumens per module at 92 lumens per watt. AgiLight contends that BoxRayz's® plug-and-play interconnection simplifies the installation and reduces labor cost for sign makers and end-users.

The SignRayz® Series provides white and colored LED backlighting for signage. The SignRayz® LED modules feature three light output levels and three viewing angles to illuminate signs of all configurations, channel letters to box signs with deep to shallow design. The company says that the robust, long lasting, and efficient SignRayz® LED modules deliver bright and cost-effective illumination for both large and small projects.

AgiLight produces Class 1 and Class 2 LED power supplies for signage and other outdoor applications. They feature a wide input voltage range 100-277V AC with active power factor correction. The power supplies have multiple protection functions for wide operating temperatures of between -40°C to +60°C.

“AgiLight has the product breadth, value proposition and technological leadership to be a major LED lighting player in the European market. We recently announced our entry into the European market, and today’s agreement with Vink Lighting Solutions positions the trusted AgiLight brand for success.,” said Steven Moya, president and CEO of General LED Inc., AgiLight’s parent company.

Boost Controller from Diodes Incorporated Simplifies LED Backlighting for Monitors and TVs
LIGHTimes News Staff

September 30, 2014...Diodes Incorporated of Plano, Texas, introduced the AL3022 boost controller. The AL3022 constant-frequency, voltage-mode, external-compensation boost controller is well-suited for monitor and TV who require a cost-effective solution for driving LED backlights. The highly integrated device in the small footprint SO-8 package significantly reduces the number of external components required for system design, according to the company.

The controller, which operates at a fixed switching frequency of 140kHz, handles up to 60W output power and is suitable for a wide range of 14-inch to 42-inch LCD panel designs. A 200 mV voltage reference helps minimize losses, thereby increasing system efficiency in many cases.

The AL3022 delivers accurate line and load regulation and supports both PWM and analog LED string dimming control methods. Applying an external control signal of at least 100Hz initiates PWM dimming. A DC signal ranging from 0.8V to 2.4V triggers an analog dimming.

The controller offers a complete suite of integrated protection features to improve overall system reliability including over-current and over-temperature protection circuits, under-voltage lockout, over-voltage, as well as protection against output-to-ground short circuits.

Saint Joseph's University Enhances Arena with Daktronics Video Display System
LIGHTimes News Staff

September 30, 2014...Saint Joseph’s University of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania will be getting a new LED centerhung video display from Daktronics of Brookings, South Dakota. The University will see these updates this fall.

SJU director of athletics Don DiJulia said, "This board, with its live video, stats and sponsor information, will greatly enhance Hagan Arena, which was recently named one of the top three venues in the Atlantic 10."

The centerhung display system will feature four individual video displays. Each display will measure about 7-feet-high by 12.5-feet-wide and will feature 6-millimeter line spacing. These displays will brighten the arena and highlight live video and instant replays. The full-motion video displays can show scoring information, up-to-the-minute statistics, vivid graphics, colorful animations, and sponsor advertisements. The displays with wide-angle visibility will incorporate excellent image clarity and contrast, according to Daktronics.

"Daktronics is thrilled to have worked with Saint Joseph's University to update the video equipment in Michael J. Hagan '85 Arena," said Scott Willson, Daktronics sales representative. "The new centerhung will bring excitement to fans and really add to the overall game-day feel at the arena."

Osram Showcases Latest Automotive Lighting at Automechanika
LIGHTimes News Staff

September 23, 2014...Osram presented its latest automotive lighting including LED-based lighting at Automechanika from September 16-20 in Frankfurt, Germany. The company displayed automotive lighting in all lighting technologies. Among the automotive lighting products, the company showcased a xenon/LED headlight, LED DRL and fog lights, and a laser module, which the BMW i8 and other selected vehicles will use.

"With our new products we are providing an important boost to the automobile market. As the world market leader in automotive lighting we are once again strengthening our pioneering role in this sector," said Hans-Joachim Schwabe, CEO Specialty Lighting at Osram. Automechanika will take place from September 16 to 20 in Frankfurt. Osram can be found in Hall 3.0, Booth D15.

Osram developed and produced the LEDriving Xenarc Headlight for the Audi A4 with a combination of xenon and LED technologies. The company claims that so far it is the only manufacturer to offer a legal upgrade to xenon light without the need for major reconstruction of the front of the vehicle. Osram boasts that the LEDriving Xenarc Headlight provides significantly more light than halogen headlights from renowned car manufacturers and also offers daytime running light functionality using LEDs.

According to Osram, the new LEDriving LG daytime running light provides better visibility during the day for improved road safety. An intelligent control box ensures that the light is fully automatic. LEDriving LG is compatible with hybrid cars and vehicles with stop/start systems. Osram notes that all the necessary certificates for use on European roads are in place.

The LEDriving range also includes F1 model fog light with a life of up to 5000 hours (99.99 € RRP) and a color temperature of 6000 K that the company claims can replace virtually all current fog lights.

Osram also debuted a new series of LEDsBIKE lamps for bicycles. The portfolio includes three front lights with different luminous intensities of 10 to 70 lux (costing between 29.90 € and 124.90 € RRP) and a tail light for 9.99 € RRP. The premium model (FX70), which can be recharged via a USB interface, delivers light in a 180-degree distribution for up to seven hours. The bicycle lamps come with a two-year Osram guarantee.

Excelitas Technologies® Unveils New OmniCure® AC8 Series UV LED Curing Solutions
LIGHTimes News Staff

September 18, 2014...Excelitas Technologies Corp. launched its new OmniCure® AC8 Series UV LED Curing Systems. According to the company, this latest addition to the AC Series of UV LED Curing solutions features enhanced process control, superior optical uniformity, and ease of integration. The systems support the curing of inks, adhesives and coatings. The AC8 series allows multiple LED heads to be adjoined to create a larger curing area. The company says that the ability to adjoin the LED heads increase the system’s flexibility without compromising output uniformity.

Excelitas says that it specifically designed these new high power, air-cooled UV curing systems with small form factors for applications in industrial, medical, and electronics manufacturing including print, conformal coatings, touch panel/display, and solar panels.

The OmniCure AC8150/AC8150P, AC8225/AC8225P, and AC83000 systems have custom front-end optics to deliver uniform, high powered, high peak irradiance at different working distances. According to the company, the AC8 Series employs a patented process to control individual UV LED module outputs and ensure uniformity over the curing area. Precise control of the UV irradiance level ensures consistent and reliable irradiance with the correct amount of UV light provided with every exposure. The company asserts that the air-cooled design with a small form factor enables system upgrades with minimal disruption and seamless integration into new or existing production lines.

“In keeping with our commitment to deliver innovative UV curing solutions, we are excited to offer the new OmniCure AC8 Series,” said Oliver Scheuss, vice president, Solid State Lighting and UV/Microscopy for Excelitas Technologies. “Excelitas strives to develop products to help customers be more productive and cost efficient. The OmniCure AC8 Series helps do just that by increasing throughput for a wide range of applications in the curing of inks, adhesive and coatings.”

The UV curing solutions in the OmniCure® product family will be showcased at The Assembly Show in Rosemount, IL at the Excelitas booth #1424 from October 28-30, 2014; MD&M in Minneapolis, MN booth #641 from October 29-30, 2014; and IWCS in Providence, RI, booth #230 from November 10-11, 2014.

Cree Files Patent Infringement Lawsuits Against Harvatek and Kingbright
LIGHTimes News Staff

September 17, 2014...Durham, North Carolina-based Cree Inc. has filed patent infringement lawsuits in the United States District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin. The lawsuits aim to prevent Harvatek Corporation and Kingbright Corporation from allegedly infringing Cree’s patents. Among other things, these patents protect Cree’s LED component portfolio, including Cree’s white light LEDs.

The Cree patents included in the lawsuits are: U.S. patent # 6,600,175, # 7,943,945, and U.S. Patent # 8,659,034, which are all titled "Solid state white light emitter and display using same". The lawsuits also include Cree's U.S. Patent # 7,910,938 and # 8,766,298, which are both titled, "Encapsulant profile for light emitting diodes". The sixth Cree patent included in the lawsuits is U.S. patent # 8,362,605 titled, "Apparatus and method for use in mounting electronic elements".

“Cree continues to invest significant resources in developing industry-leading technologies, and it’s paramount that we protect the investment of our current licensees, shareholders and customers,” said Brad Kohn, Cree general counsel.

Osram Presents First OLED Application for Car Interiors
LIGHTimes News Staff

September 16, 2014...Osram has launched an OLED-based reading lamp for car interiors, reportedly the first OLED product ever for car interiors. The OLED Reading Light from Osram with matt aluminum housing provides a warm and uniform light. "With the launch of the Osram OLED Reading Light in the fall we are once again providing evidence of our technological leadership and powers of innovation in the automotive lighting sector," said Hans-Joachim Schwabe, CEO of the Osram Specialty Lighting Business Unit.

Osram notes that an OLED’s homogeneous light neither casts shadows nor dazzles (blinds a person temporarily), making OLED technology ideal for applications requiring eye focus for a long time. The OLED’s color temperature of 3300 kelvin is very warm, and it has continuously variable brightness. According to Osram, the OLED Reading Light has been optimized for use in a car and can be recharged via a USB cable. An indicator at the USB port shows the status of the battery charge. A clip allows it to be easily attached to the sun visor for example.

The OLED reading light comes with a five-year guarantee and will be available from fall 2014 in a limited edition at www.shopyourlight.com, among other places.

Natural Light at Offices Improves Sleep Quality of Workers at Night
LIGHTimes News Staff

September 16, 2014...A new study from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Northwester Medicine found that office workers with more sunlight exposure at the office had longer sleep duration, better sleep quality. Additionally, they had higher levels of physical activity and an overall better quality of life in terms of vitality and health compared to office workers with less natural light exposure in the workplace.

Employees with windows in their offices received 173 percent more white light exposure during work hours. They reported sleeping an average of 46 minutes more per night than employees who were not exposed to natural light at the office. Workers in offices with windows also tended to report more physical activity than those without windows.

In the study, workers without windows reported poorer scores on quality of life measures that relate to vitality and physical problems in addition to poorer outcomes in terms of overall sleep quality and sleep disturbances. The study was detailed in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine in June.

“There is increasing evidence that exposure to light, during the day --particularly in the morning -- is beneficial to your health via its effects on mood, alertness and metabolism,” said the study’s lead author, Phyllis Zee, M.D., a Northwestern Medicine neurologist and sleep specialist. “Workers are a group at risk because they are typically indoors often without access to natural or even artificial bright light for the entire day. The study results confirm that light [exposure] during the natural daylight hours has powerful effects on health.”

“Architects need to be aware of the importance of natural light not only in terms of their potential energy savings but also in terms of affecting occupants’ health,” said co-lead author Mohamed Boubekri, an associate professor of architecture at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Boubekri noted that one simple design solution could help make sure that workstations are within 20 to 25 feet of the peripheral walls containing windows. ”Daylight from side windows almost vanishes after 20 to 25 feet from the windows,” he said.

The study included 49 day-shift office workers; 27 of which were in windowless workplaces, and 22 were in workplaces with windows. Study participants filled out form reporting on their quality of life and sleep quality. The researchers evaluated the forms with the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI). Actigraphy measured sleep, light exposure and activity in a representative subset of 21 participants including 10 in windowless workplaces and 11 in workplaces with windows.

Actigraphy is a device worn on the wrist that measures light exposure as well as activity and sleep and keeps a record of it. The researchers used the motion to determine activity levels while awake and to calculate sleep time. The researchers also determined luminance as a measure of light exposure during the workday.

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